Sunday, September 7, 2014

22 Theist snark attacks on atheists (link)

Every one of these snarks are carried with fallacy and venom.

For your perusal :

Each one of these I'll make a separate blog post to highlight the fallacy and the bigotry that make that snark carry any weight in public discussion.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why do Atheists worship Satan?

Short answer : we don't.  Satan is considered fictional or symbolic.  Just like God is a symbol of the kingly father archetype, Satan as the avatar of evil is a convenient fiction.  Why do bad things happen?  The universe is a complicated, severe place.  An asteroid doesn't acknowledge your feelings and stars don't care about your opinions.  Some things happen because you are just in a bad position when a severe event happens (wrong place wrong time sucks to be you).  Some things happen because you made a series of bad decisions and the push back lands hard (karma is a bitch).  Sometimes bad people make things bad happen to you.

None of those things require a mysterious divinity or a malevolent anthropomorphism of evil to happen.  Humans are pretty evil without help.  So logically if we don't acknowledge the existing of God, why would we acknowledge the existing of God's mob enforcer?

Let's take this a little further with this piece of evidence :  the Church of Satan.  Where to find what Satanists believe .  Satanists don't worship Satan either.  They worship the self.  If even declared members of the Church of Satan don't view Satan as a being to grovel before, logically why should an atheist?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why do atheists hate God

The short answer to that question is "atheists don't hate God.  God is a fiction they don't count as relevant."

Now the longer version of that answer :  to actually hate someone, you have to believe that someone exists.  To hate God, you literally have to believe there is a God to hate.  It's awfully silly to hate a fictional character.  If you hate the Joker from the Batman comic, and decide to act on that hatred by actively looking for and hunting for the Joker, people rightfully would count you as completely batshit crazy.

Fictional characters cannot materially act in our real world.  They can symbolize things in the real world, but as beings, they have no volition, no will, no capability to act in any manner in the material world.  As actual real material persons, it would be a waste of emotional energy hating persons who aren't real material persons.  Hating God is almost as useful as hating Voldemort or Sauron. Christians think that atheist unbelief is opposition only because their entire cosmology is bipolar of God vs everyone else.  The real world is complicated, difficult, and terrifying.  Religion is simple, requires nothing intellectually, and is reassuring.  Even believing you will burn for all eternity in hell is a form of reassurance in that you "know" you will exist in some manner forever.  Atheism does not give that assurance.  Atheism acknowledges that eventually the body will die, and rot away, and the mind will cease to be.  Knowing that once you are dead, you are gone forever is a terrifying thing, more terrifying than imprisonment in hell.  So when an atheist sacrifices his own life, it is a true actual sacrifice with zero hope of an eternal reward.

Atheists when they use that logic and reason don't waste their time hating God.  They are too busy discovering the real secrets of the universe, and finding treasures that theists pray for (and usually never receive).

Saturday, August 9, 2014


This blog, I'm looking to facilitate atheists finding their ethics.  I will not be like the typical theist ruling from on high, because I assume if you are an actual atheist, you came to your conclusions based on evidence.  I am of the view that ethics do not require, and in fact can be contrary to religious authoritarian rule.

I will refer to the theist material occasionally to point out contrasts, but that material will not be the foundation of the journey of ethical living.  The theist view of "what god requires is right and what god forbids is wrong" might be good enough for a child.  That broken compass is not good enough for the thinking person.

Atheism is not "let's make as much sin as we can, because we can."  That's just narcissism.  Let's leave the narcissism to the theist clergy, and look to be better than them. 

Atheist ethics is pretty much for grown ups.  You have to decide the measuring stick and weigh the evidence and decide things without the assistance of authority telling you what to do.  I do fully intend on everyone actually discussing each episode here.  Truth is not something you find in a book.  It's found by applying your ability to discover... real ethics is a science and an art.